Sesame Seed Baguettes



Water3/4 cup
Sugar1 tsp
Salt3/4 tsp
special bread flour1 3/4 cups
dry yeast3/4 tsp
Sesame seeds2 tsp

Nutty flavoured sesame seeds make this baguette even better than the much-loved original!


  1. Measure all the ingredients except the seeds into the bread pan in the order listed. Place the bread pan into the machine.
  2. Select Program # 9 and the Light or Medium crust colour. Start the program by pressing the On/Off button.
  3. At the end of the cycle, when the machine sounds, open the lid and remove the bread pan.
  4. Divide and shape the dough on a floured surface into 4 equal baguettes. Brush the baguettes lightly with water. Make several deep slashes in the top of each baguette with the sharp knife provided. Sprinkle evenly with the sesame seeds. Place the baguettes in the special baguette baking pans. Place the baguette rack in the machine in place of the bread pan. Press the On/Off button to resume the cycle.
  5. At the end of the program, turn the machine off and remove the baguette rack. Turn the baguettes onto a cooling rack. Cool completely before slicing.

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