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Baker's yeast

bakipan® has been innovating the baking yeast category since 1984. bakipan® was the first brand to offer consumers Fast Rising Dry Yeast in the Canadian retail market. We were also the first company in 1993 to introduce yeast that was specifically designed for use in bread machines. The bakipan® brand offers a full line of all natural active dry, and fast rising yeast for all your baking needs. bakipan® is committed to outstanding product quality and an unwavering dedication to its customers.

Traditional active dry yeast

bakipan Active Dry
yeast is often referred to as the "all natural" or "traditional" dry yeast because it was the first dried yeast available to consumers.

bakipan Active Dry yeast is a special variety of bakers yeast that must be re-hydrated (dissolved in warm water) before use.

bakipan Active Dry yeast is available in these consumer friendly formats.

- 3 x 7g Multi-layered laminate pouches.
- 113g jars.
- 198g jars.

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