Viennese baguettes with soft brown sugar



Water110 ml
Soft brown sugar65 g
Butter35 g
Salt5 g
Flour (type 55)250 g
Fresh yeast9 g


2 h 03

Instant dry yeast equivalent: 3 g

Very easy to make, with simple, healthy ingredients, this baguette best eaten warm will soon become your favourite savoury snack.


  1. Add the ingredients to the pan in the following order: water, soft brown sugar, butter and salt.
  2. Then add the wheat flour and the dried yeast.
  3. Place the pan in the machine. Select programme 9 and press the 'start - stop' button.
  4. When you hear the beep, open the machine and remove the dough. Divide it into 4 equal pieces, which you then shape into baguettes. Place them on the 'special baguette' baking device, brush them with beaten egg yolk, then make several diagonal incisions on the tops of the loaves. Press 'start - stop' again.

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