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Baker's yeast

Baker's yeast is a living product essential to the manufacture of bread. It's what gives it the volume and flavour you love so much!
Baker's yeast is available in several forms: fresh in small cubes, rehydratable active dried and instant dried.
Whatever the type of yeast you are using, be sure to follow Panéo's advice! Panéo has selected the best brands specially for you and will give you the best tips.

L’Hirondelle fresh yeast 42g

L’Hirondelle fresh yeast in sold in 42g cubes. This quantity is suitable for 1 Kg flour.

In order to incorporate L’Hirondelle fresh yeast into the flour, crumble it gently between the fingers.
If you are using a bread machine, it is better to stir in a little lukewarm water (or milk) before adding it to the flour; this will aid its dispersion throughout the dough.
You will find it on sale in your local hypermarket or supermarket in the fresh pastry section (next to the bakery) and also from your baker's.

Storage tip: store in the fridge between 3° and 8°C.