Sandwich loaf



Water"270 ml
Sunflower oil21 ml
Salt9 g
Sugar21 g
Powdered milk14 g
Flour (type 55)500 g
Fresh yeast15 g"


3 h 15

Instant dry yeast equivalent: 5 g

A slightly greyish crumb with a hint of rye gives this bread its distinctive character and improves its storage life.


  1. Select the weight of loaf desired.
  2. Add the ingredients to the pan in the following order: water, sunflower oil, salt, sugar and powdered milk.
  3. Then add the wheat flour and the dried yeast.
  4. Place the pan in the machine. Select programme 1, the weight of the loaf and the colour of the crust desired. Press 'start - stop'.
  5. At the end of the cycle, switch off the machine, take out the pan and turn out the loaf.

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