Bread with honey, apple, walnuts and chocolate



Water450 ml
Butter100 g
Honey50 g
Sugar12 g
Apples100 g
Chocolate chips30 g
Walnuts30 g
Salt12 g
Flour (type 55)500 g
Wholemeal flour200 g
Fresh yeast9 g


3 h 44

Instant dry yeast equivalent: 3 g

A perfect teabread! This wonderful combination of authentic ingredients has a surprising texture... food lovers will really enjoy it!


  1. Add the ingredients to the pan in the following order: water, butter, honey, sugar, diced apple, chocolate chips, salt and walnuts.
  2. Then add the two types of flour and the dried yeast.
  3. Place the pan in the machine. Select programme 2, the weight of the loaf and the colour of the crust desired. Press 'start - stop'.
  4. At the end of the cycle, switch off the machine, take out the pan and turn out the teabread

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