Brioche type baguettes with sunflower seeds



Butter50 g
Salt5 g
Sugar42 g
Flour (type 55)210 g
Rye flour (type 170)40 g
Fresh yeast9 g
Sunflower seeds35 g


2 h 03

Instant dry yeast equivalent: 3 g

You'll be surprised by this tasty, melt-in-the mouth brioche-style baguette, enhanced by the distinctive flavour of slightly crunchy sunflower seeds...


  1. Add the ingredients to the pan in the following order: eggs, butter, sugar and salt.
  2. Then add the two types of flour and the dried yeast.
  3. Place the pan in the machine. Select programme 9 and press the 'start - stop' button.
  4. When you hear the first beep, add the sunflower seeds to the dough.
  5. When you hear the second beep, open the machine and remove the dough, which you then shape into 16 small balls. Take the 'special baguette' baking device and place 4 balls of dough in position, one for each brioche-type baguette, make a few diagonal incisions on the tops of the loaves. Then press 'start - stop' again.

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